Friday, June 29, 2018

Teaching Vacancies for Primary Teachers

In order to find teaching vacancies in Sri Lanka for primary teachers, you have to refer and follow all news paper, TVs and radios, regularly. Also, you have to search webs and blogs as much as you can. Teaching is most popular and respectable jobs across the world. Mr. Chathura Prasad, professor at Leeds international university, have written an article at CellMax blogger, saying some tips to find teaching vacancies at schools, private institutions, universities and so on. 
According to Mr. Chathura,we must take special teaching training certificate for high validity of our teaching career. He further added, to be a qualified teacher, we must have at least, related degree from reputed university. Also, we must have at least 02 years experience as primary teachers. I saw two weeks ago at Naval Magazine, one reporter had said that there are over 500 teaching vacancies at schools in Sri Lanka in each month. But, candidates have no idea about this. So, we have to keep touching, with online and offline medias to find a better teaching vacancies in Sri Lanka quicker. According to Mr. Chathura's article, we have to follow some web pages, which he has mentioned on that page, to reach teaching vacancies very faster. 
For more details, you can check-out Mr. Chathura Prasad's article at:

Note: Teaching, Vacancies for above keyword, not with in 100.

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